Friday, 6 January 2012

Congratulations Drew!

Drew Barrymore has announced her engagement to Will Kopelman, after he proposed while the couple were spending time in Sun Valley, Idaho.
Drew and Will released their official engagement picture today, and they both look radiant, with Drew showing off her beautiful colourless radiant cut diamond.

I can't wait to see the wedding pictures, and I do hope that it's third time lucky for Miss Barrymore.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Pointy Theory

All sorts of rumours are circulating at the moment as to which lucky lady is the current (and probably brief) object of Jake Gyllenhaal's affections.
He has been seen out on a few occasions with Rashida Jones, doing nothing more incriminating than eating lunch, but the sharing of food must obviously mean, to the media at least, wedding bells are not far away.

He's also been seen getting a little up close and cuddly with Anna Kendrick, star of Twilight, Up in the Air, and Jakes co-star in the upcoming End of Watch. She's gushed about him quite publicly, does this mean their relationship is more than just professional?

I haven't the foggiest who he's dating at the moment, but I have started to wonder about all of his possible conquests, past and present. They're all very pointy. Nothing against them personally, i'm sure they're lovely, but they are share this characteristic. The two mentioned above, quite pointy.

Reese Witherspoon, his long term love, definitely pointy.

The thankfully shortlived Taylor Swift affair, pointy.

The lovely Natalie Portman, a little pointy.

The only one who isn't really, is Jenny Lewis, who is still my favourite of all and i'm glad they're still friends if nothing else.

I'm trying to dredge my memory for all the others who were real or possible Gyllenhaal girlfriends...oh yes, how could I forget, Kirsten Dunst. Well, I probably forgot because I do my best to block her out of my mind.

Before I start getting too mean, and I don't mean to be, to any of them, well, except Kirsten, i'm going to stop here, and start trying to guess who will be next in the pointy parade...Carey Mulligan perhaps? Oh wait, that's already been rumoured...who is your guess?

Thursday, 18 August 2011

I Approve!

For once, a rumoured Hollywood romance I can really get excited about, Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock!
I love Sandra and have done ever since she played the cute girl next door who's surprisingly good at driving a bus in Speed. After the disastrous end of her last relationship with love rat and all round massive idiot Jesse James, I think it's about time she found someone who would treat her well. Hopefully, that person is The Change Up star, Reynolds.

The pair have been friends for years, co-starred in the Proposal, spent New Years together and have been spotted out quite frequently of late. Tongues really started wagging however, when Sandra appeared on the red carpet with Ryan at the premiere of his new film. Reynolds divorce from Scarlett Johansson came through recently too, so they are both officially available.

If they are just friends, great, or if they're more, as a recent hike in Wyoming with Ryan playing dad to Sandra's son Louis seemed to suggest, then even better!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Buckley Biopic Finds A Star

The second of two planned Jeff Buckley biopics has found their leading man, and thankfully for me (but probably leaving many teenage girls weeping into their Twilight pillowcases) it isn't Robert Pattinson.
My reason for not wanting him to do it isn't purely because I think he's a bit wet and full of himself, although that is a big part of it. I also, more importantly, don't think he looks anything like the Grace singer.
Last I knew that had a big part to play in whether you got to play someone or not. If it doesn't, then it should in my opinion.

Anyway, moving on from every deluded tweens crush, to the actor who did get the role, relative unknown but quite beautiful Reeve Carney, who does bear quite a resemblance to Buckley, even the musician's own mother, who is executive producer of the film, thinks so. Carney, who has been starring as Spiderman on Broadway and is a musician in his own right, fronting band Carney seems the perfect person for the role, I for one can't wait to see how the film turns out.

Friday, 24 June 2011

And My New Favourite Celeb Couple Is...

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.

I blogged about their relationship rumours a few weeks ago, and it seems now things are official between the Wanderlust stars. Jennifer is obviously a fan of the beard in a big way, being spotted wearing a matching gold ring to the one Theroux sports, on her wedding finger of all places.

Now, Aniston has dated (and married) a fair few gorgeous men in her time

Brad Pitt

Gerard Butler

Bradley Cooper

Jake Gyllenhaal (although never completely confirmed, I'd like to believe it's true)

to name but a few. I refuse to add John Mayer to that list, because I think he was neither gorgeous nor a catch. I'm hoping however that Mr Theroux is different. His cousin is the ever lovely and entertaining Louis Theoux, so that is hopefully a good indication of a promising personality.

Justin's cousin Louis

 And with a beard as impressive as his, I'm still sticking to the theory that there is no way he could be bad! Hopefully Jen has found a good one this time.

Jack White and Karen Elson Split...and Throw a Party.

Former White Stripes frontman and model Karen Elson have called time on their six year marriage by throwing a joint anniversary and divorce party.
In an invite sent out to close friends, the couple stated that they are still close friends and want to celebrate the time they spent together as well as a future spent seperately and together as they raise their two children Scarlett and Henry Lee.
The party was held in Nashville last Friday to reaffirm their friendship and celebrate the making and breaking of the sacred union of marriage.

Being one of the coolest celebrity couples around, in my opinion, it's a pity they've decided to go their seperate ways, but they really couldn't have done it in a friendlier or more awesome way, definitely preferred to the usual celebrity break up slagging matches.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

He's Back on the Market Ladies

The man who can't be tamed, Mr George Clooney is single again. After two years together, Clooney, star of upcoming film Ides of March and model Elisabetta Canalis have split. In a statement sent to America's Entertainment tonight, the pair confirmed the split, stating that it was a very difficult and very personal time.

In an interview recently with italian magazine Chi, Canalis claimed that she would be the one to finally tie the notorious bachelor down, also saying that she laughed off comments from jealous rivals claiming Clooney didn't want to be with her.

It may have been these comments that marked the beginning of the end. Their relationship was rumoured to be rocky a few months ago when Clooney was called to testify in a trial against Italian PM Berlusconi. It was claimed that the couple had attended Berlusconi's parties, at which he has been accused of paying for sex with an underage girl. Clooney completely denied the claims that he had attended. Canalis had previous links to the PM, having appeared on his television network.

Whatever the reasons, it seems there may be truth to the theory that this bachelor will never be tied down. Or is there? I'm sure there will be many joining the queue in the hopes of finding out!